Our Company

Paperplane calls Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati home. We're a design studio made up of talented and experienced designers. As our name suggests…we love to play, explore, and learn. We have a bit of a silly side but make no mistake, we take design very seriously. In our studio, a challenge never goes unmet nor does an idea ever get crushed before its explored.

Graphic + Digital

A few years back two designers, from opposite ends of the visual design spectrum, found themselves in the DAAP graduate design program at the University of Cincinnati. Both wanted to advance their design knowledge and were looking for a way to build upon their professional experience. Maren had a background in graphic design (identity/branding, packaging, print, and environmental graphics) and Doug had a background in digital design (interaction, web, motion, and narrative design). After a few chance meetings in the graduate space, Maren and Doug started discussing opportunities to collaborate. Shortly there after, the perfect design match was made and plans to take over the world commenced (the design world). To this day, the balance of traditional aesthetics and technological digital advances are the core of Paperplane's methodologies. If you're ever in the studio, you might overhear the occasional reminder to consider typographic nuances (Maren) or commentary regarding the prevalence/importance of web and social media (Doug).

Small Business
+ Nonprofit

The Little Guy and the Good Guy deserve exceptional design services too, even if their budgets or resources don't compare to the Big Guy's. We understand the same principles and considerations used in the corporate world don't always translate to the needs of small businesses or nonprofits. Small businesses may need to prioritize which design applications are created first instead of revamping all materials at once. Nonprofits may need an effective visual system to help communicate their messages and focus their mission. We partner with small businesses and nonprofit organizations to develop strategic plans and integrated design programs needed to create cohesive visual systems. One of the biggest issues we see is the lack of consistent visual materials. Many times, visual systems are broken or disjointed—causing confusion among audiences. Other times, we see visuals that are not inline with core characteristics or attributes. Our job is to help identify and sort out these issues. We truly value the positive impact these guys have on communities (local and global) and we enjoy collaborating with them.


Simply put, teaching design makes us better designers. We wholeheartedly believe in design education. It is our way of contributing to the design community and allows us to challenge traditional design conventions. Maren and Doug teach design at the University of Cincinnati, DAAP and Northern Kentucky University, Department of Visual Arts. As design educators, we make it a priority to bring our real world experiences into the classroom. Our goal is to prepare students to become effective visual communicators. We strongly encourage social and cultural awareness among our students to provide deeper understanding of concepts behind visual communications. Our passion for teaching is fueled by the growth of our students and our personal desire to become more effective designers. This constant pursuit to improve our ability to communicate information is a lifelong endeavor relevant to education and professional practice. The engaging interaction between professor and student undoubtedly leads to intriguing design solutions filled with energy and meaning that greatly benefit our audiences.